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Today, more than ever, online instructional videos have become the way to assist new employees, customers and clients with the information and learning they need. It is important to provide the customer with:

• A tutorial that is understandable, informative and visually interesting.

• Clear instructional narration and easy to understand visuals that are engaging and dynamic.

• Conversational narrative that walks the customer through the steps necessary to complete a work order, or to learn about what the company provides.

• A user interface that appears very easy to use.

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As the ScreenFlow senior support technician at Telestream, Willow provided in-depth tutorials, as well as on-site and online tutoring for individuals, companies and educational facilities. She consults with individuals and companies providing online support, tutoring and ScreenFlow video production.

Willow produces, edits and writes online instructional videos, personal documentaries, and life achievement commemorations. She is well versed in Final Cut Pro editing software and Logic audio editing software as well as other audio/video enhancement (software) programs. Willow has edited and produced videos for many different business industries including book publishing, photo laboratories, banking, iPhone developer, tech companies, and many more. Clients include Dell Laboratories, Trace Risk Management and Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt Publishing.

Willow writes copy for numerous radio and TV commercials, magazine ads and HBO. She is known for her ability to provide natural conversational copy that is concise and easy to understand.

Narration/Voice Over
Willow's voice has been heard on hundreds of regional and national radio and television commercials for companies such as Hershey's, Levi, Pacific Bell, Hewlett Packard, Citicorp, MicroSoft and Blue Cross. Not only is she an outstanding voice talent, she is able to mimic many popular vocalists and motion picture personalities and has been chosen as the voice of Katherine Hepburn for two commercials. She presently teaches a class in animated singing at Voice One in San Francisco.

Willow currently resides in the area of Sonoma County in Northern California and performs regularly with Nicholas, Glover & Wray, (NGW) the highly acclaimed Bay Area vocal trio, as well as a solo singer/songwriter.

• The information you provide will be recorded step by step and an online tutorial created.

• The video will concisely teach your customers what they need to know about your product and services and how to implement your online user interface.

• The final product can include written instructional copy, dynamic movement of screen recordings, professional voice over and royalty free music (if needed).

Online assistance with your project
• If you need help with your project I can assist you by "screen sharing." I can walk you through the steps necessary to create the desired result.

You start it - I finish it
• I can take your already recorded project and produce a final video that will be dynamic, interesting and informative.